Muhammadiyah Youth: Indonesia Should Revise Terrorism Law

Senin, 10 September 2012 | 00:25 WIB

Skalanews – Chairman of Muhammadiyah Youth Saleh Daulay assess the need for changes related to the Terrorism Act No. 15 of 2003.

According to Saleh, the Act needs to be reviewed whether suitable intended for terrorism in Indonesia.

"Lest Terrorism Act itself that led to the rise of radicalism and terrorism," Saleh said in Warung Daun, Cikini, Jakarta, Saturday (9/8).

Because according to Saleh, under the Act, there may be clauses that allow it, such as giving freedom to law enforcement to shoot on sight.

The shooting, according to Saleh, could hurt people closest to the victim. So lately, there are movement acts on revenge. "The law needs to be reviewed again to fit the desired security procedures," Saleh said.

At first, Saleh says, Terrorism Act was created to provide a deterrent effect or to block the movement of radicals and terrorists. However, in fact, to this day, its implementation was not optimal and is not able to prevent terrorism. "That law needs to be fixed," Saleh confirmed.

According to Saleh, the things that need to be fixed from the Terrorism Act are: the way of enforcement, post-arrest, rehab, the family and how to re-educate the perpetrator to be a good citizen.

These things are to be fixed not only by the legislator but also by other elements. Because, until now, it is yet criticized, Saleh said.

In addition, the importance of reread Terrorism Act is to ascertain whether the measures taken to fight terrorism was according to the procedure or not, and holds the principle of humanity or not.

"Lest the applied Act caused offense to other groups," Saleh said. (Andrian Gilang)



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